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Artificial Perspiration Artificial Saliva Artificial Urine Buyers Guide to Artificial Perspiration Testing Solutions

Artificial Perspiration, Artificial Saliva, Artificial Urine, and other Artificial Body Fluid Products Made for Laboratory Testing

Pickering Laboratories' Artificial Perspiration, Artificial Saliva, Artificial Urine, and other Artificial Body Fluids products are made to official product testing specifications from ANSI, NIST and other official standards organizations and are used worldwide for product testing and research applications. Our GMP compliant manufacture process enables excellent batch reproducibility and precise matching of official formulations. Custom formulations are routinely produced with the same guarantee of precision and reproducibility.

Our Catalog

Pickering Laboratories Test Solutions Catalog

Perspiration Tests of Consumer Products

By Michael Pickering, Ph.D., Pickering Laboratories

Testing laboratories are essential to
economic growth. A rapidly developing global economy requires reproducibility. Eccrine perspiration can react with consumer products to cause health problem and reduce service life.     > Read More

Artificial Perspiration Assures Reproducible Testing

By Michael Gottschalk, Pickering Laboratories

Pickering Laboratories announced immediate availability of its newly formulated line of artificial eccrine perspiration.

> Read More

Testing Solutions for:

● Personal and Wearable Electronics

● Watch-cases and accessories

● Colorfastness to light for fabric

● Colorfastness to perspiration for leather

● Sweat for Ophthalmic optics

● Dental metal alloys.

● Colorfastness of products taken orally

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